Hi, I’m Drew.

Let’s get through the boring stuff.

– I have many years of experience shooting photos for individuals and companies of all sizes
– I use professional-grade equipment to produce high-resolution and highly engaging photos
– My work has been published in magazines and newspapers

But why would you want to work with me instead of the next guy?

Photography is my medium, connection is my passion.

If you’re like me, you hate being in front of the camera. You probably cringe at the thought of getting all gussied up and standing in front of bright hot lights and faking an awkward smile, only to absolutely hate the final photos. Sound familiar?

Trust me, I get it. I make every effort to put all my clients at ease. Ideally, you should get an ab workout from laughing so hard.

Or maybe you won’t be in the photo at all! Perhaps you’re in need of studio or lifestyle product photography. I’ll bring my years of experience, over-the-top technical knowledge, and unique eye(s) to the table.

This is all I do.

When you’re my client, you get my whole focus.

So take a look around. Check out my portfolio and if you think we may jibe, (I was today years old when I discovered I’ve been incorrectly using “jive” in this context) go ahead and hit that CONNECT link up top.